Business Ideas With Low Investment – Try Affiliate Marketing

When we are talking about business ideas with low investment, we are talking about a wide range of opportunities. All of the home based businesses that will not require inventory investment will still cost you $500 to $1000 to get into. Some may require licenses, like financial planning, certifications for teaching, consulting, or medical billing. Others will cost much less if anything. Jobs like ghost or freelance writing, or someone who wants to go into organizing for events. baby sitting and dog walking, etc. There are two main disadvantages to all these businesses.

A. Many of these low investment businesses ideas are work from home, not at home. You may be able to do some work at home, but there will be a lot of time away from home. If you want to work at home like most people than this may not be what you are looking for. One exception to this is freelance writing

B. If you are going to invest the time to have a home business, you certainly want to try and maximize your return on time spent. I am not saying that you cannot make a decent living with some of these opportunities, but I would not call them the best way to make a full time income and work at home.

If you want to work at home, have an opportunity to make a better than average full time income, than you want to get into Affiliate Marketing. This is a very low cost business idea to get into. The least expensive way to start is to set up a blog at blogger dot com, or WordPress. You will need to buy a domain name (about 8 dollars per year), and a sign up with a hosting company. This will run you about 5 to 6 dollars a month. You can then sign up with ClickBank, Commission junction, or Amazon all of which have thousands of products to sell… If you want to spend some money, but you don’t have to, you can have a website developed for you. and sell products on it. Affiliate marketing is by far the most lucrative way to make money at home on the internet.

Don’t sit on your hands, get started with affiliate marketing!